Wednesday, 19 November 2008

where oh where

I've lost my lovely little black sketchbook that had all my drawings from Africa/Germany in it, also it had the original of shannons tattoo


makes me sad

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Richard J Raridon

I posed an electro magnetism based question to an American Scientist this eve, hopefully sheddin some light on possible solutions for my Electronic dress!

"Hi there, possibly a strange request!

I'm currently designing a semi electronic dress for a computer game art course where I'm attempting to realise game based concepts in real life. My idea for this dress was that it would move using repelling magnets to move plates of wood in a fairly random form and would have slight perpetual motion based on the movements of the model wearing the dress. My question to you is wether I would need two electro magnets to repel the wooden panels or whether I would require a permanent magnet and the electro magnet (obvsiously the current would only flow to activate the magnet when the panels touched, I can send you diagrams if you wish).

Sorry this is probably a very long winded way of asking how to tell what polarity an electro magnet is, if they even have polarity, and how I would make one repel.


and there you have it, the ramblings of a madman

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

little johnny brown

Plan for a painting I need to do, stupidly I sketched it out before I primed the wood (I'm incredibly impatient).

Sketch I quite liked as a concept for the dress I want to create.


also Loveless came on 12" today! *belms*

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

on a side note

this photo is amazing, I tried to find the artists name but all I got was porn...

Also I am currently listening to WISP

clicky clicky

pre-raphaelite mother fudgers

Godiva - John Colliver

as much as I stare at this painting, which is probably about two hours per week or more, it still makes me tingle with joy... one day, one day.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

portissssssssssheadddd the ri.pppp listen do it now yes thanks yes pleassssssssssssssss7

umm an image

Stolen fire and a shower of thorns, falmouth based art magazine that is using my Ormus Redux (see above) as their cover image. Makes me happy in a way, in lots of ways infact.

here is another sample from the 'maaaggggg'

oh and watch THIS waaaaat

my knees are wet, my hands are crooked, but I still love you

spines like cranes in the scotch mists
my arm red in lines like tracks
you push and turn like gross maggots in unison

my knees are wet, my hands are crooked, but I still love you

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


This is a drawing of a twig with someflowersonit.
I drew it for a friend of mine who shall remain shannonamous, she will hopefully get it rendered upon her back using a tiny needle and special ink.

hello little girl whats your name?

hi, this is a blog for stuff and the like where I will post pictures that I have drawn and some that I like because I look at things like this a lot when I am bored or hungry for eye looking things.

thankss for everything